Pollen @ Gardens By The Bay

Pollen at Gardens By The Bay... Needless to say, you're probably already thinking how posh this restaurant must be, or how exciting it must be to dine in a garden setting, or even how delicious the flower-infused food must be.

Well, that might happen, only if you're gonna dine on the Main Dining Room - Level 1. As for the contents of this post, we're focusing on the Pollen Terrace - Level 2.

If you're thinking of coming here for a romantic date, all I wanna say is... for some weird reason, it just feels really exposed on the 2nd floor and well, perhaps saving up to dine on the 1st level might be way cooler. Also, the Terrace Menu is super limited and standard, as compared to the Gourmet Menu on the 1st floor.

So, which mysterious wind blew my family and I here to dine at the Pollen Terrace? 1-for-1 Entertainer App (Duh!).

Now, here's the highlight of any foodie blog post.

First up, Linguini Puttanesca. Looks-wise, pretty appetizing right? The tomato sauce was light…

Mao Shan Wang Durian Macarons by

Macarons, again? I'm pretty sure in the recent years that these circular sweet treats has taken the dessert industry by storm, you would have at least tried them once right? 

Well, here's the problem however. How do we know which brand and outlet to buy from? Usually, by basic human instincts, we would go for the cheapest or the luxury-branded ones, but for this post, I'm sharing about neither. 
Instead, allow me to share with you about's premium flavoured - Mao Shan Wang Durian macarons. I bet you've seen's macarons around, whether as events' door gifts etc., but have you really given their macarons a shot?

Made from real durian pulps and sandwiched between 2 pieces of beautiful light green macaron shells, the delicious durian meringue is one that you'll be surprised with. Very often, one word pops into my mind when tasting fruity-flavoured macarons..."artificial". 
However,'s durian macarons are seriously …

JPOT @ Parkway Parade by JUMBO Group of Restaurants

Since 2009, JPOT started as a dining concept by JUMBO Group of Restaurants, to celebrate the hotpot dining culture among fellow Singaporeans. Here at JPOT, choose from an exciting variety of 10 local-style soup bases (such as Bak Kut Teh and Laksa) for your own individual hotpot, ensuring a unique and hygienic dining experience over a casual gathering between family and friends.

Also, enjoy an affordable and fresh range of vegetables, mushrooms, air-flown or locally produced poultry, as well as 'live' seafood, which were still alive and swimming before arriving on your table!

Opened in late 2014, JPOT at Parkway Parade offers a contemporary style of hotpot dining, just as the other outlets do. Without further ado, here's my experience dining at JPOT Parkway Parade:

With tongs to handle raw meat, you will not have to worry about mixing up the 2 chopsticks for handling raw and cooked food, which happens sometimes at other hotpot restaurants. Hence, everything that you will …

Cali Café & Bar @ Rochester Mall

Situated inside Park Avenue Hotel at Rochester, just a few minutes walk away from Buona Vista MRT station, is a Californian concept cafe -- Cali Cafe, which aims to be the place for you to relax and unwind over a good meal. With chefs from Malaysia, Philippines and India, Cali Cafe offers a variety of  different cuisines, namely Asian, European and Italian, to cater to different groups of customers.

So what does Cali Cafe recommend for us to have here? Well, let's have a look.

First up, is the truffle-infused Cream of Wild Mushroom, with tiny bits of finely blended mushroom evenly distributed throughout the soup. When the slice of light Walnut toast is dipped into the soup, the creamy texture complements the toast and the fragrant truffle aroma surrounds it well, making it a great starter to have.

Or if you're not really into truffles and mushroom, how about this Clam Chowder soup with small pieces of clams and potatoes, which is so flavourful and smooth, making it a comfort…